NTFRMHRE (born as Derrick Suragh) is an EDM producer from Philadelphia, PA known for his “electrifying rhythm & hidden talent of Philly” as quoted by well-known and respected rapper Smooth B. Suragh’s love for Trance, House, EDM and other electro music styles has caused him to shift from his previous music beat making styles of Hiphop, Reggae and R&B into the EDM scene. NTFRMHRE (as in “Not From Here”) is Suragh’s music alter ego, becoming the “yang” personality of his craft.

 NTFRMHERE went from working on his debut EP to completing his freshman album 4TH DIMENSION  which will be released independently in the Summer of 2017. Once released, his Album will be promoted on all major music distribution companies, social media outlets and blogs throughout the internet. While producing is his main focus right now, Derrick is still currently pursuing his love of music in other ways. He’s the director of the percussion program for PAL Philadelphia. He works with the children of Philadelphia to help inspire them and pass along his love for music. He’s also a musician and composer for the NFL Philadelphia Eagles.

 With the release of his debut Album September 1st 2017. Derrick is looking forward to reaching and establishing relationships with fans from around the world.